Scaring [verb]

Definition of Scaring:

frighten someone

Synonyms of Scaring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scaring:

Sentence/Example of Scaring:

I was throwing a rock in the brush-pile in the chance of scaring out a rabbit.

Just think of his bungling off that old musket and scaring the lot!

In that way they very often succeed in scaring our game away altogether.

"The boys are scaring them out of the wheat-field," said grandfather.

"We were scaring away the foxes," said one of the donkeys, meekly.

Well, sir, what did he mean by scaring us and talking like that?

Why, gentlemen, we have been scaring ourselves at a puff of powder smoke.

At the memory an odd sensation came over him, scaring him a little.

Will you not own that the working of the system for scaring him and bleeding is very ingenious?

Elsie did so, holding her breath for fear of scaring him away.