Scarring [verb]

Definition of Scarring:

mark, hurt

Synonyms of Scarring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scarring:

Sentence/Example of Scarring:

Scarring his face with a stick of caustic to render himself unrecognizable.

Bullets began to cut the leaves and twigs, carrying away the bushes, scarring the trees and now and then taking human life.

When it misled him, the rasping rock groaned out, scarring the submarine's smooth skin.

Pieces should be placed outside the blocks when scarring of the surface is to be avoided.

Along came Napoleon, hacking away the limbs and scarring the gnarled trunk with fire and sword.

In order that the chances of marked inflammatory action and scarring (always possibilities) may be reduced to a minimum.

At times the patches retrogress, involution taking place with or without slight sieve-like atrophy or scarring.

In this latter disease there is usually but slight scaliness, and rarely any scarring.

As to scarring in a burn of the third degree, you can always predict it, although this can be minimized by early skin grafting.

That was what sent a lash across her temperament, scarring it perhaps, but waking it into all it could ever have of life.