Scarves [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scarves:

Scarves or neckties we have none, nor any substitute or apology for them.

You will take account of the rate of work, the lightness of the scarves, and their warmth.

But perhaps you would like better one of those other scarves?

The arrangement of the scarves and draperies is essentially “Greuze.”

Stoles, as distinguished from the scarves of chaplains, have no legal authority.

I invite all, who have nothing else to do, to accept of gloves and scarves.

Here was an art shop's display of etchings and coloured prints, there a haberdasher's stock of scarves and shirts and gloves.

Then they tied their scarves round their necks, for they scorned overcoats, as all the colliers' children did, and went out.

Gay sashes and scarves were pulled out of a little bundle in a clean silk handkerchief, and a towel served as prayer-carpet.

"We must take off our wonderful clothes, then," said Linda, beginning to untwist the scarves and put away the Turkish slippers.