Scenes [noun]

Definition of Scenes:

setting of a performance or event

Synonyms of Scenes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scenes:

Sentence/Example of Scenes:

The scenes that followed were remarkably impressive and unparalleled.

Some scenes have been so seared into my brain that I can never forget them.

Behind the scenes, as we are now, Vivian, what use can there be in talking in that strain?

These are the sorts of scenes that harden lads, and make them fond of risks.

The walls of this room were painted with scenes from the Trojan war.

Somehow or other, it is one of the scenes that remind us most forcibly of the loss of youth!

One day my mother had the curiosity to come behind the scenes.

It seemed to echo in the distance like the laughing behind the scenes on the stage.

True, I was "behind the scenes with you;" but what did I see?

He was a vagabond and an outcast, and scenes of horror were not new to him.