Scepters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scepters:

The ballot is the scepter of power in the hand of every citizen.

There were no other sounds while the girl took the Flagg scepter in her own hands.

The ball represented the terrestrial globe and the stick in his other hand a scepter.

He danced about like a madman, with his crown on his head and his scepter in his hand.

The entire country was under the one scepter, and his was that scepter.

What has wrested from the priestly hand the scepter of government?

The scepter which she bears is surmounted by the globe of this world.

He has a form of the Crux ansata for his scepter and a globe in his left hand.

If the Scepter wanted to resist, it had its ordinary remedy at civil law.

The two crowns of Henry IV., his scepter, hand of justice, and spurs.