Sceptic [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sceptic:

This begets a very natural question; What is meant by a sceptic?

I was not then a sceptic; I had got as far as disbelief in infant baptism, but no further.

Socrates is nowhere represented to us as a freethinker or sceptic.

He was a sceptic about everything, even about his own position.

Napoleon, himself a sceptic, was cognizant of this slave philosophy.

The sceptic, disillusioned, is stated to have failed to appreciate the joke!

There is no sceptic who does not feel that many have doubted before.

Yes,” said the sceptic, “he is there, and there he will remain for a long time.

Valentin was a sceptic in the severe style of France, and could have no love for priests.

It remains to say that he was not disposed, being a sceptic and a scoffer.