Schemata [noun]

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Images are always particular; schemata are always universal.

This is borne out by the list of the schemata of the categories.

He has, therefore, been less bound by schemata than I have in the discussion.

In truth, it is not images of objects, but schemata, which lie at the foundation of our pure sensuous conceptions.

The conditions thus established will be found to correspond to the schemata shown in Figs. 114 and 115.

It may also be noted that time is taken as conditioning the schemata of all the categories.

Images become possible only through and in accordance with schemata, but can never themselves be identified with them.

Schemata, therefore, and not images—such is the implied conclusion—form the true subject-matter of the mathematical sciences.

Images represent existences; schemata represent methods of construction.

If, further, the categories be identified with the schemata, it is also true that they are not applicable in any degree or manner.