Schematic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Schematic:

We know that a schematic representation is most acceptable to the student.

For a schematic drawing of a Squash Tennis court, see Figure 25.

One: A schematic detail on graph paper which resembled no type of circuit Vogel had ever seen.

A, Schematic longitudinal section through a zooid and bud of Stylophora digitata.

The above outline of the changes and evolution of early religions is most schematic.

It is this reiterative nature which, joined to its schematic definiteness, gives Empathy its extraordinary power over us.

Note 1: The differences will be emphasized in the schematic representation given in the text.

This arrangement is shown in the schematic sagittal section in Fig. 230.

It was an ethical doctrine rather than a schematic principle, and cannot be properly translated.

Schematic and conventional designs begin to take the place of the free realistic art of the middle Magdalenian.