Schemer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Schemer:

I did it, I presume, simply because I'm a schemer at heart, and I knew it would work.

I'm a schemer too, Mister Asgill, only—one at a time, one at a time!

Circumstances have made me, as you see, a politician, a schemer if you like.

The woman could not have been so deep a schemer in those days.

It is the contriver, the schemer, who is caught by the Law, and never the philosopher.

She felt all the fiery indignation of the schemer who has been outwitted.

You came here clandestinely to tamper like a schemer with my child.

It is quite a good enough match to turn a girl into a schemer.

She was accustomed to Ebenezer now, and had found him to be a schemer.

For you were always a cheater and a schemer, grabbing every earthly thing for your own profit.