Schemes [noun]

Definition of Schemes:

course of action

Synonyms of Schemes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schemes:

Sentence/Example of Schemes:

A thousand schemes were afloat in his mind about the future, of the most improbable kind.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of you, or with our schemes for money-making.

John had not thought of leaving women out of his schemes and plans.

That your schemes are known to man, and overthrown by Heaven.

I thank you for disclosing your schemes, which I am now prepared for.

And how could Harry Ormond hurt his interest, or cross his schemes?

I have a thousand reveries and schemes about them, and their future destiny.

To do this they have to resort to schemes which hide their identity.

He wondered what her schemes were, though he could not take them seriously.

The directors were inundated with schemes of all sorts for facilitating locomotion.