Scheming [adjective]

Definition of Scheming:

deceitful, sly

Synonyms of Scheming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scheming:

Sentence/Example of Scheming:

He's been scheming, ever since I told him you were coming, to get out of driving in to meet you.

Why, you've got all Nature on your side, plotting and scheming for you.

The Carlists were scheming, and the Cortes was driven to an immediate decision.

He had been wondering and scheming how to compel the Spokesmen of the Gens to obey his will.

You know he has been scheming all along to take her from you.

We are scheming against you and your country, and you know it, and we shall win.

You're as bad as the rest of them, all scheming and plotting against me, betraying me.

Will you take me, also, out of this hell of plotting and scheming, and this chaos of exile and death?

She's been angling and scheming for it for years, but she will find who she has to deal with.

Too unpractical, too visionary, with all his brains and scheming.