Schismatics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Schismatics:

It is claimed by China and by Europe, and the whole universe is schismatic on the subject.

A Greek schismatic, attacked by a mortal malady, was brought to the hospital.

Schismatic or seditious—tending to disrupt the unity of the Church.

Moses was but an Egyptian schismatic, Christianity is but a reformed Judaism.

In the course of his speech he spoke of the king as a "heretic and schismatic."

The Emperor was a schismatic, and worked only in the interests of Germany.

It is the "schismatic" within the camp on whom some Jael falls with a hammer and a nail.

In Russia he had endeavored to win over the schismatic Greek.

In 1511 he attended the schismatic council of Pisa as a theologian.

Isidore, St., declares that whoever does not obey Peter is a schismatic, 113.