Schizophrenic [adjective]

Definition of Schizophrenic:

mentally ill; foolish

Synonyms of Schizophrenic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schizophrenic:

Sentence/Example of Schizophrenic:

At first glance, Martin's reactions appear to be those one would expect of schizophrenic withdrawal.

So far is this true that Bleuler looks on "schizophrenic" cases with this symptom of "Benommenheit" as organic in etiology.

Like the schizophrenic, Martin was living in a little world that was cut off from the actual physical world around his body.

He begins jabbering like a schizophrenic parrot reading a Sanskrit dictionary backward!

I am (to state it in politically incorrectly language) a schizophrenic.