Scholar [noun]

Definition of Scholar:

person who is very involved in education and learning

Synonyms of Scholar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scholar:

Sentence/Example of Scholar:

He was not only a Quichua scholar, but also accomplished and well read.

"But there came an end of ftes" said the scholar, who read in books and newspapers.

"But he disappeared—the emperor disappeared—he vanished," persisted the scholar.

They stood at the desk, teacher and scholar, Howard bending over his slate.

Not a king's scholar but answered to his name; and Tom signed the roll for the first time.

Why, I would rather have to guard ten soldiers than one scholar.

They seek Horatio, who the third night speaks to him as a scholar can.

He made the scholar's pause and resumed, falling into the tone of easy narrative.

The scholar was mortified and began to scold him; but the fox disappeared with a horse-laugh.

Then the scholar said: “I have a means of driving away old age!”