Scholarly [adjective]

Definition of Scholarly:


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Sentence/Example of Scholarly:

The best Irishmen are the most brilliant, polite, scholarly men I ever met.

Hyrtl refers to him respectfully as "that scholarly son of Israel."

He meant something scholarly, worldly, and modern; he was thinking of his own tastes.

Then Birch of the State Department made a precise, scholarly observation.

He wanted to found a learned and scholarly order which should be able to preach and teach.

The most of these depended on a stately and scholarly diction to attract attention.

He had a crooked grin, out of place beneath his scholarly glasses.

It is the ablest and most scholarly writing of a great thinker.

I know which is most scholarly; but I do not know which is best.

He was on the verge of seventy and was essentially a man of few, but scholarly tastes.