Scholars [noun]

Definition of Scholars:

person who is very involved in education and learning

Synonyms of Scholars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scholars:

Sentence/Example of Scholars:

Two dollars for a scholars' picnic in a place where no child is supposed to have money.

But I was the porter's son, and did not dare to join in the scholars' play.

It gives me great delight to see one of his scholars at my court.

Her only regret was that we could not see the scholars at work.

Julia was one of his scholars, and perhaps the prettiest of them all.

Scholars, my first thought was a sad one, that I never could thank her now.

The bell rang at last, and the scholars filed in and took their places.

Last of all came the Chapter of our Lady's Church, with all their clergy, scholars, and treasurers.

They crowded about the scholars and asked who they might be.

As to the other of the two scholars, Yuan Dschau, he was not so fortunate.