Scholastic [adjective]

Definition of Scholastic:


Synonyms of Scholastic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scholastic:


Sentence/Example of Scholastic:

He cared little how much he imparted of scholastic knowledge.

There is no attempt made to impart a scholastic interpretation to it.

He brought with him also the scholastic type in use in 1499.

Nancy and Jennie are climbing the scholastic 322hill together.

It draws within the sphere of its attraction both the scholastic and the unlearned.

One of these is the scholastic objection and the other is the religious one.

For expression with us is not scholastic, but temperamental!

The comparison does injustice to the scholastic philosophers.

The next post brought a sad damper to my scholastic exultation.

His education was that of one reared for some scholastic profession.