Schoolbook [noun]

Definition of Schoolbook:

book giving instruction

Synonyms of Schoolbook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schoolbook:


Sentence/Example of Schoolbook:

Interesting abridgements of it may be had from the schoolbook houses.

Mill wrote what he intended for a Schoolbook of Political Economy.

"I'm not even going to look at a schoolbook in vacation," she told Marilla.

I do not know of anything in the schoolbook line which quite equals them.

The officials who adopt a schoolbook are not the users of the book.

It is designed for a schoolbook, and evinces both learning and fairness.

Marche had picked up the boy's schoolbook and was looking at the writing on the flyleaf again.

Ms Galvez came in and patted her hair and set down her SchoolBook on her desk and powered it up.

But the final real judge of the merits of a schoolbook is the boy or girl who uses it.

The teaching power of a schoolbook cannot be weighed in the grocer's scales nor measured with a pint cup.