Schooled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Schooled:

Leila, thou hast been nurtured with tenderness, and schooled with care.

While Vere and Artois had been out in the boat she had schooled herself.

He had schooled himself to a semblance of stoicism when he reached his office.

We are nurtured on it; we are schooled in it, we live by it; and we rarely realize it.

We are schooled now, both of us, to know that grasping brings not gain.

Dawkins, who had schooled himself to the ordeal, maintained his outward calmness.

Under the skillful, schooled questioning, David grew communicative.

He had, as he thought, schooled his son for the battle of life.

He had schooled his voice, and it was in a quiet tone that he spoke.

She had him educated and the fair inference is that he was schooled in the culture of the Egyptians.