Schoolgirl [noun]

Definition of Schoolgirl:

person under legal age of maturity

Synonyms of Schoolgirl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schoolgirl:


Sentence/Example of Schoolgirl:

"Schoolgirl sentimentality" Meg had called it, and so it was.

She was in love with him for a week, in love like a schoolgirl.

She was pretty when a baby and prettier still as a schoolgirl.

"You talk to me as though I were a schoolgirl," she retorted.

Captain Godwin blushed through his coat of tan like a schoolgirl.

She did not answer at once, and, glancing in her direction, I saw that she had flushed like a schoolgirl.

She had been as foolish over him as a schoolgirl in the matter of a matinée idol.

And then had come a wonderful day, a wonderful thing, into the schoolgirl's life.

The letters, I noticed, were not what the schoolgirl letters had been to her mother.

The schoolgirl and the trade paper editor wouldn't have been "in it."