Schoolhouse [noun]

Definition of Schoolhouse:

place, system for educating

Synonyms of Schoolhouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schoolhouse:


Sentence/Example of Schoolhouse:

With a careless nod to Halbert, she took Robert's arm, and left the schoolhouse.

I have never had to sweep out the schoolhouse since the time you know of.

They took each other's hands, and went towards the schoolhouse.

But when he got there he found that the schoolhouse had not yet been completed.

It is a schoolhouse for lovers, and we are lovers in the making.

It was waiting for Margaret behind the schoolhouse stone-wall.

Our schoolhouse is a two-story building, with a schoolroom on each floor.

As they neared the schoolhouse Bailey's courage began to fail.

The schoolhouse bell was turning somersaults in its excitement.

It was later than usual when the former set out for the schoolhouse.