Schooling [noun]

Definition of Schooling:


Opposite/Antonyms of Schooling:

Sentence/Example of Schooling:

It is a ghastly business, quite beyond words, this schooling.

"Third," he answered, laconically, schooling his voice to indifference.

If he never goes to school at all he had better have that lesson than all the schooling in the world.

Jim helped his mother run the farm and missed half his schooling.

"I need no schooling, colonel," said Fritz, a trifle haughtily.

Katherine went unpunished, but that was the end of Pete's schooling.

And if their own parents could not afford them schooling, why—why then perhaps they had no right to keep them?

You could see from his choice of words that he was a man of schooling.

But how many years—our years—had they spent in their schooling?

It is the schooling in this country that has made her so clever.