Schoolmaster [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Schoolmaster:

Then she and the schoolmaster, by one accord, began to laugh.

They laughed together, and the schoolmaster rose to light his lamp.

The schoolmaster hesitated, and turned the lamp-wick up and down.

The schoolmaster took up his lamp again and walked to the door.

Handkerchiefs for the schoolmaster, stockings and gloves for Solon!

The schoolmaster glanced at me inquiringly and I corroborated the lad's accusation.

And all that's in it for me is this—the schoolmaster was a rogue that did not give me that verse in for my money.

He has a most surprising memory, and is quite the pride of his schoolmaster.

The schoolmaster was the chief source from which I derived my provision of this sort.

In the corner stood a desk like the schoolmaster's in a village school.