Schoolteacher [noun]

Definition of Schoolteacher:

person who educates

Synonyms of Schoolteacher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schoolteacher:

Sentence/Example of Schoolteacher:

When the schoolteacher's turn shall come, then let tyranny and bigotry beware.

We thought you was only a schoolteacher, wrapped up in rhymes and birds!

It was something for a schoolteacher, counted a mild and childlike man.

He married again—a schoolteacher, and it wasn't a year, quite, after—the earthquake.

Bitterly she denied unto herself that she was really a schoolteacher.

Anybody would think that I was your schoolteacher, Mother mine!

Emily'd been a schoolteacher in her early life and she'd never got over it.

The schoolteacher plodded homeward, her eyes downcast and sad.

Very lovely indeed; made more so by her position next to the sallow weediness of the schoolteacher Stella Wainwright.

Could he say that he had become very much interested in studying a schoolteacher—a very charming school-teacher?