Scientifically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Scientifically:

She accounted to herself for this longing, she even explained it scientifically.

Carefully, scientifically, we were prepared for our injections.

They were scientifically wrong and he was unscientifically correct.

This is not a fairy tale; every word of it is scientifically true.

Scientifically speaking, the professor regretted the accident of the morning.

This much we may say scientifically, and without the slightest cheapness.

Scientifically and historically he was even as you and I. Whence did he come?

He can start, scientifically and practically, where the other man left off.

Scientifically: Cleanliness, as practised, is conventional and irrational.

I say this scientifically, and quite apart from passion or even from preference.