Scimitar [noun]

Definition of Scimitar:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Scimitar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scimitar:


Sentence/Example of Scimitar:

A scimitar between his teeth would be completely in character!

Of civet and scimitar I believe it can only be asserted that they are Eastern.

Down came the scimitar with a swish in the direction of his head.

Dropping his scimitar, he then had a struggle for the flute.

At last, he decided in favour of a Turkish robe, with a scimitar and a turban.

The yellow beak is long and curved, hence the adjectival "scimitar."

His scimitar was by his side, and a brace of pistols in his belt.

This cavalier with his scimitar was my uncle, who was then in command of the province.

Even so, from his belt hung Roland's gift to him, the jeweled Damascus scimitar.

Somehow, Simon saw the scimitar as a talisman that might also get him through this war.