Scions [noun]

Definition of Scions:

offshoot, descendant

Synonyms of Scions:

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Sentence/Example of Scions:

With his usual activity he sprang forward and the scion of chivalry ran.

And this of all the professions is the one on which he would graft his scion of lofty morality?

That scion of the Italian nobility, Signor Carella, sat opposite.

This very much facilitates the placing together of stock and scion.

He was not the offspring of some criminal, but the scion of a noble Virginia house!

I got this seal from the Comte d'Aranda; how can you prove that you are a scion of that race?

Does he ever speak of the scion you are going to present to him?

"It will vanish quietly from the records," said Scion with a smile.

"You won't hear from me again," said Scion, shaking his head.

Just before using cut the bud from the scion, as shown in Fig. 69.