Scissor [verb]

Definition of Scissor:

sever, chop with sharp instrument; incise

Synonyms of Scissor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scissor:

Sentence/Example of Scissor:

Both the scissor bird and the viuda (window) bird are aptly named.

He smiled as he noticed the scar left upon the thick leather by the scissor points; and repeated.

Pardon, monsieur, I use the scissor; there is a little fresh growth here.

Twenty-five years ago he began to scissor and to put away those clippings which most impressed him.

You may be boss of the Scissor Outfit yet—stranger things have been waiting around the corner.

Dudes from the Scissor Ranch over to look at the freak woman sheepherder.

He worked himself as a scissor grinder and sent the boys out as musicians, and compelled them at times to beg for money.

Kattiri suli, or the scissor circlet, is found usually in the region of the belly, and is an unlucky sign.