Sclerotic [adjective]

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There is generally a ring of bones in the sclerotic coat of the eye.

The orbits are enormous, and there is a ring of bones in the sclerotic (fig. 32, 15).

(ii) The position and nature of the wound in the cornea and sclerotic.

In the incomplete method a band of sclerotic is left in the periphery.

The interior of the sclerotic should appear perfectly white.

The ball inserted in the sclerotic should fit the cavity loosely.

It should be treated as a wound of the sclerotic (see p. 235).

Frogs are stated to have been thrown into a state of palsy by the hypodermic injection of 002 to 004 gram of sclerotic acid.

It is distinguished from the sclerotic by being colorless and transparent.

Then the threads are knotted on the muscle, and the insertion is separated from the sclerotic.