Scoffed [verb]

Definition of Scoffed:

make fun of; despise

Synonyms of Scoffed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scoffed:

Sentence/Example of Scoffed:

There was a sort of scoff in it which rightly or wrongly he took to himself.

P—— C—— began to scoff at what I had said, but C—— stopped him.

People might scoff it; though for all that I shall work it out.

It seemed to me to rend the darkness, to scoff at my heart and my sweet reasonableness!

Any mother who reads this will, I think, scoff at the notion; and yet I think it was so.

They laugh at our music, they scoff at our arts and twist them into obscene mockeries.

I had almost said "fools who came to scoff remained to pray!"

Let us not scoff too loudly at their mystic visions and religious rhapsodies!

You can scoff, old Elephant, but the struggle is worth while.

Anybody who is not in the convention can scoff at it, however low his own code may be.