Scoffing [adjective]

Definition of Scoffing:


Opposite/Antonyms of Scoffing:

Sentence/Example of Scoffing:

Miss Howes scoffed, it is true, but the scoffing was not convincing.

A score of stories in proof were hurled at the scoffing Maimon.

Just that I was wrong; and I admit freely that I was wrong in scoffing at the propinquity.

Scholar Phelps was too close to the truth to make me like it, because he was scoffing.

How then will scoffing readers scape this marke of a maledizant?

But all this looks either like preaching or scoffing, and it is neither.

Pythias once, scoffing at Demosthenes, said that his arguments smelt of the lamp.

I am punished for my sin in scoffing at the words of the Holy Book.

It was shown to the scoffing Martin as visible proof that the burglar had been there.

“It is most misleading,” she pointed out, to her scoffing brothers.