Scold [verb]

Definition of Scold:

find fault with

Opposite/Antonyms of Scold:

Sentence/Example of Scold:

"I'm not going to scold you, you silly little kitten," said the aunt cheerfully.

Do you think I want to scold her; do you think I want to humble her?

Shall I have to scold my coadjutor, or to reason with an intellect like this?

"I sent for him to scold him," continued Orlando with a smile.

How would you have me scold him when he weeps over it all with me?

The scholar was mortified and began to scold him; but the fox disappeared with a horse-laugh.

Lantier alone could scold her; and yet she knew perfectly well how to get over him.

Was he to scold her because her lover would not marry her at once?

Marianne, recognizing how serious was the transgression, wished to scold him.

And then I burst in on them and scold them, and tell them not to talk nonsense.