Scolded [adjective]

Definition of Scolded:


Synonyms of Scolded:

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Sentence/Example of Scolded:

Do you not recollect that only two months ago you scolded me, and ridiculed my plans?

That he should be so scolded and badly treated was not the best for him.

He had no love in his heart, so he drove and scolded all the time.

"You oughtn't to carry the thing about with you, if it's so important," I scolded her.

Martha had been in once, and had been scolded for her pains.

Mr Adams prayed, and Mrs Slipslop scolded; but all to no purpose.

All three hastened to their carriage, where Sister Hyacinthe scolded them.

And the next was when I scolded because she broke a bowl; And she said I was mean and stingy, and hadn't any soul.

She was scolded and had no milk that night, and we never knew her to catch a bird again.

He was angry and scolded them, saying: “Why did you disobey my command?”