Scolding [noun]

Definition of Scolding:


Synonyms of Scolding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scolding:

Sentence/Example of Scolding:

If you have the pleasure of scolding, I surely can have that of crying.

The king-birds have come, and the corn-planter, the scolding bob-o-link.

Isn't mother ugly and cross and scolding to me all the time?

Her scolding, however, seemed to have more effect on Khalid than my reasoning.

"You come just in time to give him a scolding," he said, with an affectation of liveliness.

And now that I've got you to myself I must begin by scolding you.

Richard climbed down, scolding at the tree like an angry squirrel.

"Mag's a hungry," in a voice more like scolding than anything else.

Then the scolding of these two comrades gives to you your freedom from suspicion, eh?

I felt impatient and decided to give her a scolding for being so neglectful.