Scoldings [noun]

Definition of Scoldings:


Synonyms of Scoldings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scoldings:

Sentence/Example of Scoldings:

Not that I shall miss you much, with your scoldings and fault-findings!

His thought, like an indignant monitor, collapsed with scoldings.

Old Sally's scoldings didn't matter, nor Marty's smug confidence.

Jasper Losely began to be frightened at Mrs. Crane's scoldings.

Her religious exhortations are backed by scoldings and fussiness.

You see, Bruce, he said gaily, if there are any scoldings to be had I get em.

But as yet Hannah's scoldings were the only trouble that had beset her.

I've had scoldings enough by this time not to mind, I should rather think.'

That's all very well, but it's I who'll get the scoldings, and they'll be the limit.

And now she must go home by herself to blame, scoldings, and derision.