Sconce [noun]

Definition of Sconce:

holder for candles

Synonyms of Sconce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sconce:


Sentence/Example of Sconce:

She cleared the sconce and took down the flitches that hung from the rannel-tree to dry.

He placed the candle in a sconce on the wall, and then turned to the three.

A thousand pities that so fine a fellow should have a sconce like a cocoanut!

The shutters were closed, and the sconce on the table had two lighted candles.

The candle in the sconce was six paces away from the guards.

Then, there is another thing about Sconce that I don't like, gentlemen.

If Job Davis did not write it, Mr. Sconce has sworn falsely.

The witnesses that came to the rescue of Sconce; how did they rescue him?

Sconce; to chaff, banter, make game of:—'None of your sconcing.'

I brot a candle in an' stuck it in th' sconce so 's I cud see 'er face.