Scoot [verb]

Definition of Scoot:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Scoot:

Sentence/Example of Scoot:

"Scoot down there and climb into that boat," he said proudly to Eileen.

Their nickname was "Scooters," and they certainly did "scoot" over the sea.

Well, if you had seen me scoot down that hall and out of the door!

Yes, I expect they keep watch, and scoot whenever they see one of us.

Now scoot, quick, for it won't do for them to see you haunting round.

I must scoot now, and go back to my practising, or I shall have Bunty on my track.

So li'l' Mose he grab' up de nex' bestest pumpkin an' he scoot'.

Oughtn't Dawn to be woke up first and told to scoot out of that?

He's the kind of old cove I'd like to get real narked and then scoot.

“I said to scoot,” said Lafe presently, in suppressed tones.