Scooter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scooter:

At Michaelville, they started the scooter and ran down the track to the river.

Russ now bent over the other wheels on the end of the scooter.

It's my scooter, because I made it; and so I'll go down first.

Russ and Laddie lifted the scooter up there, and got up themselves.

All interest in the scooter was lost in Uncle Fred's arrival.

In the airlock they waited until the Lieutenant had touched the scooter down.

They spread out from the scooter for an hour of fruitless searching.

Like most of them, Frank Nelsen took the scooter up alone, from the start.

The scooter wavered, and they landed hard, even at reduced speed.

A scooter was not exactly the ideal steed for a knight to convey his lady.