Scorch [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Scorch:

My stars alive, I do b'lieve my bread's beginnin' t' scorch!

After a moment he removed it, and gasped with the scorch of the powerful liquor.

May the Devil scorch that vagabond, if he doesn't do better than the last time!

The fiery flame of her wild life seemed to scorch and preserve her.

If I had I would use it all to scorch and wither this talking of surrender.

They must however be carefully watched, for they are soon done, and a few seconds over the proper time will scorch and spoil them.

I'll not swear that the back of my eyes did not scorch with hot tears too.

To sin in body is to scorch the soul; but to sin in spirit is to consume the soul.

It would get hot enough, in fact, to scorch cloth in contact with it.

At any rate you ought to have remembered it when Scorch was talking that day.