Scorched [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Scorched:

The contrasts were so cruel that they scorched the eyes of the soul.

I had forgot the pasty, and it will be as scorched as Judas Iscariot!

The flowers were scorched and dead under the piled-up ashes.

Bless the place, I love the ashes of the vagabond fires that have scorched its grass!

The meat will be hardened all over by violent heat, will shrink up as if it were scorched, and afford very little gravy.

Ambusta, burned or scorched, from its being found on burned soil.

Semitosta, from its scorched appearance, or umber-like color.

The Captain's face was blackened, and his clothes were scorched, but his spirit was undaunted.

Then he remembered that the flare might have scorched her face, and expressed his concern.

A smell of scorched rags and festering wounds hung in the air.