Scored [verb]

Definition of Scored:

keep count

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Sentence/Example of Scored:

The lightness of the bread can easily be scored when the bread is cut.

The Fireworks Music was scored for fifty-six wind instruments.

Jake followed as far as he could and fired at each chance, but scored no hit.

That piece of a word was scored out and "dangers" written in its place.

Somebody to be attacked—somebody to be scored off—somebody to be squared.

When forty love had been scored against me I appealed to the referee.

This must be roasted or baked, the skin having been previously scored with a knife.

And Tresler knew that his presence was accepted, and that he had scored the first point.

His face was as brown as the surface of a prairie trail and just as scored with ruts.

The play in which David Warfield scored his highest success.