Scoria [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scoria:

Here, Oliver, lad, look at the great pieces of scoria and pumice.

The scoria is let off occasionally, through holes made for the purpose.

Rabbits burrow in the heaps of scoria on the slopes of the mountains.

The telescope reveals a parapet of scoria on the brim, as on Teneriffe.

On approaching nearer the apex, the path was over cinders, fine black sand, and scoria.

The cement which will probably be found the most durable will be lime, fine sand, and scoria of iron.

Sometimes it resembled a spiders web in appearance, sometimes soot deposited in the cavities of the scoria.

The Spaniards traversed the country of a cacique, Scoria, and arrived at the residence of another called Pariza.

We passed along the tolerably high dam, while the scoria rolled regularly off the sides at our feet.

Immediately overhead the great crater was belching incandescent rock and scoria for an incredible distance.