Scornful [adjective]

Definition of Scornful:

given to scorning

Synonyms of Scornful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scornful:

Sentence/Example of Scornful:

Why then, you are to put off that scornful look, and hear what Mr. Solmes has to say to you.

She was exactly the same as when they had parted, just as handsome, just as scornful, just as repressed.

She repelled my mocking smile with a glance of scornful indignation.

Why should people be so scornful of us who stand on our heads?

She turned towards him quickly, and with a scornful look and flashing eyes.

An easy, scornful, merry laugh—the laugh of young Rupert Hentzau!

At this, Macquart, wild with rage, broke into scornful jeers.

His mother was content to receive him with scornful laughter.

There was another buzz about the table, this time of scornful disapproval.

Azuba dismissed the past with a scornful sniff and a wave of the hand.