Scorning [verb]

Definition of Scorning:

hold in contempt; look down on

Synonyms of Scorning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scorning:

Sentence/Example of Scorning:

Shakespeare is perfectly willing to depict Hotspur as scorning the arts.

Yet perhaps he is only some false flatterer who is scorning us all the time.

"No, I wasn't listening," said Cecily, scorning apology or excuse.

Unkind Hermia, to join with men in scorning your poor friend.

"Don't want any 'tato," objected Janie, scorning the proffered dish.

Adine had ceased her scorning tones; now she was asking for an answer.

This, then, is the wisdom you have gained by scorning the mysteries of the Church?

"We are in for it now," she went on, scorning the compliment.

Scorning them all, he fully intended to get the better of them yet.

It is true that he had been genuine in scorning social climbers.