Scorns [noun]

Definition of Scorns:

contempt toward something

Synonyms of Scorns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scorns:

Sentence/Example of Scorns:

She is above dissimulation: she scorns the arts, the fears of her sex.

Use him well, and he's a hearty fellow, and scorns to have you at a disadvantage.

Humelbergius ignores him, Gryphius pirates him, Lister scorns him, we like him.

Yet saith the Maid of the gold-rings in Garda that she scorns me.

No, far from it, he scorns the ass and makes for the Colonel.

Probably he repents, yet scorns to confess he was in the wrong.

Daughter, I too hate this proud girl, who scorns me as her father's light-of-love.

He despises that fellow he plays with, and scorns himself for making him his companion.

He scorns and fears, and yet hopes for old age, but dare not imagine it with wrinkles.

Here is a village that scorns your efforts and a respectful suitor who implores them.