Scotched [verb]

Definition of Scotched:

turn off; cancel

Synonyms of Scotched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scotched:

Sentence/Example of Scotched:

And, as you said, I shall only have myself to blame if the story's not scotched here and now.

One reason of this was that party feeling in politics had been scotched.

But the male in him was scotched by the knowledge that she was not under his spell nor his influence.

The cellar ran full with its tally of scotched and crippled men.

There wall be anarchy in this land if these rattlesnakes are not scotched—you can't kill them.

It is to Loring's sole credit that the indiscretion was scotched.

He knew that superstition was scotched, but he also knew it was far from slain.

The serpent is scotched, not slain; and we must beware of its fangs.

So that after all,” said the old man, “it was only scotched, not killed.

At the end of 1864, the Confederacy was scotched if not quite killed.