Scoundrels [noun]

Definition of Scoundrels:

person who is deceptive and

Synonyms of Scoundrels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scoundrels:


Sentence/Example of Scoundrels:

That scoundrel Corney has been about some mischief—damn him!

You make me feel like a scoundrel, and I've only been taking a little bit of happiness.

But when the tale was told, "It's that scoundrel, Mulready!"

I am sorry because I believe there is contamination in such a scoundrel.

For he did not know how best to tell her that her brother was a scoundrel.

Glendenning turned round and shouted, 'What do you mean by that, you scoundrel?'

Now have you any doubt whether your nephew is a scoundrel or not?'

On the other side of the door they blackguarded him and called him a scoundrel.

And it was this ogre, this brigand, this scoundrel Macquart, whom Adelaide had chosen!

She made some soup, and ate it all alone, for that scoundrel Coupeau did not return on the morrow.