Scour [verb]

Definition of Scour:

clean, polish thoroughly

Synonyms of Scour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scour:

Sentence/Example of Scour:

A fine instrument to scour the country with, when one has a girl on one's arm.

Prepare a fine thick lather of soft soap, boiled in soft water; dip a brush in it, and scour the marble well with powder.

But not as a son this time, only as a servant, to scour and scrub to the end of his life.

Scipio might be incapable of organization, but he certainly could scour and scrub.

Once we're out of here, I'm going to scour New York for him.

I never touch the outside of a pot––and I scour them with sandsoap.

I meant to beg you to scour the woods, and call her name everywhere.

Purdy had a horse and he would ride on ahead and scour the bank.

His audience had dispersed to scour the valleys for signatures for Jim.

He therefore commanded me to scour the country in the environs of the camp.