Scowled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Scowled:

He scowled upon me with a natural hate, and refused to comply with my request.

He blinked and scowled in the sunshine, because his eyes were not used to the light.

They scowled at him as if they were mad enough to bite off the heads of tenpenny nails.

He scowled over it, then considered the other side of the face.

Good Indian looked straight past the girl, and scowled at Pete.

Good Indian scowled at him and rode on, because a woman rode beside him.

He stopped before us and scowled at the soldier who saluted in hasty confusion.

I scowled in the effort to search my soul, my artist's soul.

He stopped with a jerk, his hand went to his heart, and he panted and scowled with pain.

He clutched his nightstick and scowled out from under the brim of his uniform cap.