Scowling [verb]

Definition of Scowling:


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Sentence/Example of Scowling:

I can see him yet, scowling at me and whirling the loop over his head ready to throw.

Then he looked at the black-browed, scowling woman, and his look was very kind.

Presently, scowling over her work, she began muttering to herself.

He was scowling at me in an instant with all his old ferocity.

They dispersed laughing and followed by O'Moy's scowling eyes.

"Mistress Rosamund herself desired to be present," said Sir John, scowling.

Instantly he sat up, puffing and scowling, his hands shuffling his papers.

But the best he got from any of them was an averted look; several were scowling openly.

They knew the scowling young man didn't need them, might not want them indeed.

The man did not halt, but brushed past the polite guard with a scowling face.